Neighborhood Rosary Group DIY

The first and most important thing you need to know if you are considering starting a rosary group in your neighborhood, is that Mary will do it.  Our rosary group practically began itself. It was really that simple. All we had to do was remain open and cooperate with the inspirations that Mary amply provided.  So if you are feeling Mary tugging at you as you consider this, but are a little worried about how you will bring this about, relax, she will take care of all your concerns and provide a way.

Having said that, however, I would like to share what has worked for us so that you can visualize the basic structure that we established for our meetings.  Your group may look very different but then again, why re-invent the wheel if you don’t need to?

1. Our particular group meets each week on the same night, but we rotate houses between various core members. No one has to volunteer to host the rosary in his/her home. We take weeks off at various intervals during the year, such as school vacations and during Christmas and Holy Week. We try to be consistent with our meetings but not rigid. Other rosary groups, for example, meet each week but on the night chosen by the host family.

2. As we have gotten to know the members of our rosary group, friendships have grown and we love to be together; nevertheless, we adhere to a one hour meeting each week.  This is an important safeguard for families, especially, since anything too long each week would quickly become burdensome and die out. Occasionally, however, we organize a barbecue or pot luck so that we do make time for fellowship that is separate from our rosary night.

3. When we get together, we all try to be careful to stick to our mission of prayer and not take up time with talking about the news, problems, etc. It is important that everyone remembers why we have come together and then we don’t get off on tangents.

4. Oftentimes, to get us started, someone will share a prayer meditation from one of the many resources available like The Word Among Us or  Magnificat for us to reflect on. And usually we spend a few moments sharing about answered prayers or a blessing we have received during the previous week.

5. As to beginning the prayer time, we sometimes go around the room and mention prayer requests before we start our formal rosary time. We keep a book of prayer intentions for those who have asked us specifically to pray for them and we mention these prayers as a whole or sometimes if time permits, individually. Other times, we just get down to business, bow our heads and begin praying aloud extemporaneously for various needs and the needs of our community and then we begin the rosary.

6. Someone in our group ordered several little booklets on how to pray a scriptural rosary and the people who volunteer to lead different decades take turns reading the short meditations before each Hail Mary. Surprisingly, even though the little children in our group often do the reading and are sometimes slower readers, we still are well able to finish our meetings in under an hour.

7. We do not serve food or refreshments unless there is a special occasion like a feast day, but nobody expects it and it makes it easier on the host family.

8. People sign up to be on our email list and each week a reminder is sent out to the group, and even though some people on the list have actually never come, they like to feel that they are part of this great work. We always invite them to join with us and to pray for our neighborhood intentions wherever they may be.

9. Finally, how would we define a successful rosary group?  Jesus tells us, “Where two or more are gathered, there am I in your midst.”  If you are able to meet with only one other person to pray for your neighborhood, you can count on Jesus generously blessing your efforts. God’s math is totally different than ours, as evidenced by the miracle of the fish and loaves. He loves to make something amazing out of nothing and He is always doing great things with a simple YES.

That’s it for our guidelines. If you have any questions please feel free to direct any questions to me at

God bless!

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