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This blog is a ministry of the Little Daughters of the Sacred Heart.  We are a group of women dedicated to renewing and strengthening the vocation of motherhood in our world. We have two main guiding principles.  The first and pre-eminent principle is that we believe that through our practice of  First Friday Devotion to the Sacred Heart, God is promising to change our “stony hearts” into His precious heart of “flesh and blood”.  His Heart will transform us, our families and ultimately our world.  


The second guiding principle is that we are committed to following the “Little Way” as developed by St. Therese of Lisieux , our patroness. St. Therese became the patroness of world missions without ever leaving her convent.  She revolutionized Catholic thought by uncovering for all the saving power of ordinary and often hidden actions done for the love of God.  We believe that mothers are particularly suited for the “Little Way” and that by following this path in our world today,the flame of God’s love will ignite our hearts and we will appear as little fires in the darkness, fires that will draw others to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  The book of Wisdom 3 vs: 7 says, “In the time of their visitation they shall shine and shall dart about as sparks through the stubble.”  


Mothers, God is calling each of our names. His voice is echoing across the wasteland, inviting us, no begging us, to become living flames of love-love burning in the heart of the world.  Won’t you respond to His call today?

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