Today I  awoke still plagued by that malaise of feeling weary and unable to accomplish anything worthwhile. I know it is a suffering that I must grapple with and that God occasionally allows for His purposes. If God is using it for my good then I must try to accept it and even embrace it with joy.

How does one do this? The only way that I  can imagine being joyful while feeling so listless and down,  is to make small acts of faith as I go about my day.”Jesus I trust in You. Jesus, I thank you for loving me!”  I will set off doing the obvious will of God in my duties and thank Him for what He is doing in me and through my weakness. Why  should I ever be downcast at the sight of my extreme powerlessness unless I continue to resist it? In whom do I really trust? If I am downcast then I must admit that somehow I am relying on myself. How deeply this fault goes with in me! If Jesus is my rock, then I cannot be cast down!

Jesus is the absolute perfection that my soul craves. Let me praise Him, turn to Him and adore Him today. When my eyes, so accustomed to focusing on myself are disturbed by the sight of such feebleness, let me say, “Jesus, you alone are God!”

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