I Am Here

A mother of small children is called daily to make countless decisions, not the least of which is deciding whom she will serve first. Many times needs appear in rapid succession, like machine gun fire, and sometimes it may even seem that two or more machine guns are firing at once! A whole day can elapse in this manner, and at the very last second when all the members of the household appear to be slumbering, the exhausted mother thinks to herself, “Now I will read that meditation or say my prayers;” but as any mother of small children can avow, the supreme test comes when at the very moment she opens the book or falls to her knees, a voice cries out, “I am thirsty, Mama!” or, “I am scared…”  What more excellent prayer can be offered in that instant than, “I am here, honey. I’ll take care of you.”

There will be quiet moments along the way. God knows our needs far better than we do, but this prayer, “I am here,” is the most sublime of all that a mother can utter. No ecstatic prayer offered amidst oceans of peace can compare to this.

Just as Jesus uttered obediently in the face of a tortuous death, “Not my will, Father, but Your will be done…” so may a mother say as she pours out all her energy of the sake of the kingdom.

“She accepted each instant of her life with childlike gratitude to the Lord, and was truly poor for God’s sake…In her presence, people felt a heavenly atmosphere.”   Blessed Ulrika

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