A City Set On A Hill

“You child, are a city set on a hill that cannot be hid. Let your life shine before men.” (Matthew 5:14)

Lord, when I hear those words well up inside of me, I picture a city illuminated by blazing light – a light whose rays permeate our ever-receding darkness. On the outskirts of the pulsating light is an inky bluish shape that is slithering away before it is burnt up by the radiance. The darkness is repulsive and angry; yet it is cowed and retreating against its will. What is this light that emanates from the windows of our soul? It is the fire of the Holy Spirit. As I meditate on this reality, I understand that everyone who follows Christ is called to be such a city set over a valley of darkness.

So what does that look like in my ordinary life? It seems, Lord, that You are asking me to be open to Your presence and to learn to be aware of Your loving eyes upon me. My weaknesses, my failings are not an obstacle to Your grace; however, my tendency to  fixate on them and become self-absorbed is. Instead, through the teachings of St. Therese of Lisieux, You reveal to me that it is precisely my littleness which pulls me closer into Your Sacred Heart. So this morning, I stretch my hand out so that You may clasp it and together we may walk through this day, side by side.

Everywhere I go today, You will accompany me so that all the places we visit will be brightened by Your grace. Your love will enter in, stooping under door frames, walking into darkened rooms, opening hearts and minds to the freshness of hope. Wherever we go together, darkness will flee before You. Your presence will be diffused and souls will be encouraged.

What a magnificent gift You allow me to offer the world! And where I cannot go today physically, I can still send Your presence through prayer, as I do now before the Blessed Sacrament.

“‘That which pleases Jesus in my little soul is to see me love my littleness,‘ the littleness which enabled her to keep firm hold of her Father’s hand. This humility is no weak or negative thing. It is the most powerful thing in the world, for it is the key which unlocks the soul to grace…”  St. Therese: Doctor of the Little Way pg. 3


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